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Phase Inspection (New Construction)

Phase inspection is a type of a home inspection that is performed over 3 visits upon completion of each phase of construction described below. The builder will provide tentative dates as to when each construction phase will be completed.


PHASE I - Foundation


The foundation inspection is the most difficult to schedule. The weather may cause for the construction team to fall behind on schedule. In perfect conditions, the team may get ahead of schedule. I recommend that the client consistently follow up with the builder to see the progress so that the foundation inspection can be completed at the right time.


Basement - I will come out and inspect after the forms (walls) are poured and before they backfill.


Slab - I will come out and inspect after the exterior foundation walls are completed and the plumbing rough-ins are installed but before the concrete slab is poured.


Crawl Space - I will come out and inspect after the foundation is built but before backfilling and framing begins.


PHASE II – PRE-Drywall


This phase involves coming out to inspect the electrical, plumbing, heat, and framing.  I usually come out 1 to 3 days before the hanging of drywall. All framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC must be completed by that time.


PHASE III – FINAL Home Inspection 


This phase is the full residential home inspection- the complete home inspection of the entire structure. You can read more about the full inspection by clicking on the "Services" menu on top of the page. You will receive a comprehensive inspection report stating all the facts about your home assuring you that your new home is safe and perfect for your family.